Driving Sustainable Revenue Growth and Meaningful Innovation
"I am looking for a lot of people who have an infinite capacity to not know what can't be done."
- Henry Ford


Ruhl drives Sustainable Growth for our partners. Through Actionable Intelligence and our strategic partnerships across the value chain, Ruhl empowers Advanced Materials & Manufacturing companies to successfully execute new opportunities for growth and realize disruptive ideas for innovation through our market intelligence and partnership.

The partners at Ruhl have a proven history developing new businesses and launching new products, the combination of their experience and industry knowledge is a key factor in successful execution.

Our Clients come to Ruhl for successful execution of growth initiatives. Through organic expansion into adjacent markets, inorganic growth through acquistion, or to develop new innovation.

Focused on growth, Ruhl provides a select set of services; Strategic Marketing, Structured Business Development and Innovation Management to analyze markets, identify targets and execute for our clients.

Our Value, Market Access and Speed of Execution, reducing the risk of our clients to enter new markets or develop new technology through our market knowledge, insights and dedicated team.


Expansion and innovation are important growth drivers in many industries. However, close to 90% of all growth initiatives never succeed. Failures can be driven by many factors such as inadequate market analysis, products not satisfying expectations, higher costs versus budget, aggressive competition, bad timing for a product launch, etc.

Thanks to solid partnerships with key industry leaders through the value chain, Ruhl provides holistic market intelligence. The company actively supports ambitious suppliers and leading manufacturers to grow, expand or innovate in their current or target market. This combination of experience, industry knowledge, and strategic partnerships uniquely positions Ruhl to successfully identify, develop and promote technologies for Advanced Materials and Advanced Manufacturing.


Ruhl is proud to partner with global suppliers for Advanced Materials and Manufacturing in the Automotive industry. Forward Engineering is the company's main partner.

Forward Engineering is an all-embracing engineering partner for international clients in the automotive and machinery industry. The company enables and accelerates the implementation of light weight solutions. Forward Engineering masters composite materials, from high-level model to lower-level details, or in other words, from concept to mass production. Forward Engineering is setting the standards for the development of light weight automotive structures incorporating fiber & reinforced plastics.

More information can be found on forward-engineering.com


Ruhl is your trusted partner for strategic growth. By building strong, long lasting relationships with its partners, Ruhl enables them to realize ideas, seize opportunities and achieve sustainable growth. Ruhl’s managers focus on empowering companies that produce advanced materials and technologies to enter new markets and develop successful innovation.

Ruhl offers valuable market insights and industry experience and leads its clients to envision their goals more efficiently and effectively. The company’s expertise, guidance and dedication when it comes to execution help reduce risk when entering new markets.

Ruhl’s services are focused in the areas of Strategic Marketing and Structured Business
Development offering:

• Market Intelligence & Insight
• Guidance on Strategy
• Partnership Development
• Innovation Management
• Execution of Strategy

Whether you want to implement your innovative technology into a new market or launch an innovation in your current market, Ruhl is your ideal partner.


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We welcome the opportunity to become your valued partner and supporting your goals for sustainable growth. Whether you are developing new innovative products or growing into a new market we look forward to discussing how we can provide value to your objectives. Please call or contact us using the form below:

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