Enabling, Accelerating
& Sustaining Growth

of advanced materials and technologies

Industry Challenges
To Growth

Dynamic shifts in the continuously evolving mobility markets along with resource-intensive approval and validation requirements create market barriers and challenges to enabling and accelerating the adoption of new technologies and achieving growth that is sustainable.

Many companies underestimate the amount of knowledge, expertise, and strong network of partners required to successfully gain adoption of a new technology and achieve transformational growth in a new or adjacent market.

Market Growth Platform

We apply a proven structured approach to enable, accelerate, and sustain growth.



of unmet market needs

Leveraging market insights, we determine which opportunities are the most compelling.



of product value, key points of differentiation

Leveraging access to key industry stakeholders, we predict market potential.



to create complete, compelling, solutions

Leveraging synergies from our Ecosystem of industry partners, we accelerate market adoption.



of commercialization strategies and business development plans

Leveraging knowledge capital & investment, we achieve transformational growth.

Explore Our Solutions To Industry Challenges

Enabling Growth

Through our insights into the complex mobility markets, Ruhl analyzes a variety of factors, including the current market landscape, target market opportunities, and an assessment of market competition. Through this process, Ruhl identifies unmet market needs and the most compelling opportunities for your technology and streamlines focus on the most viable applications to prioritize to drive future strategic decisions.

Ruhl engages key industry influencers to provide a Voice of Customer perspective and quantify market opportunities, allowing us to define a strategy that capitalizes on compelling market opportunities to differentiate and position the technology as a new solution for success and growth. Learn More

Accelerating Growth

Ruhl has built & nurtures a collaborative Ecosystem of industry partners that, through synergies, accelerates the adoption of innovative market solutions

Advanced Materials

Manufacturing Technologies

Engineering Simulation


Tier Manufacturers

Sustaining Growth

Achieving sustained growth begins with satisfying an unmet market need with a differentiated solution and then executing a sound business plan that capitalizes on market opportunities.

Ruhl is committed to generating growth for our clients, and as your trusted and experienced strategic partner for execution, Ruhl creates and implements strategic commercialization plans and offers a variety of options to help you successfully navigate the market. We acknowledge that each client’s needs are different, and we provide knowledge capital and offer a broad range of investment opportunities to align with these needs and deliver value in excess of traditional investment structures. Learn More

Ruhl In Action

Learn how we have helped our partners overcome barriers to gain market adoption of a new technology.

March 18, 2020

Ruhl Strategic Partners Expands Presence in Europe with Addition of Jonathan Fisk

Jonathan Fisk provides local presence in Europe Ruhl Strategic Partners is pleased to announce the expansion of our team in Europe with the addition of Jonathan Fisk as Manager, Automotive…
February 27, 2020

BNNano and Ruhl Strategic Partners Enter into Agreement

BNNano and Ruhl Strategic Partners Align for Nanotube Market Growth Ruhl to Leverage Strategic Acumen and Ecosystem Network of Advanced Materials & Technology Companies to Accelerate Growth for BNNano  …
September 24, 2019

Innovative Coating Process Debuts at Unique RIM Tech Center

Collaborative Effort Disrupts Traditional Paint Process for Automotive Parts Operations have begun at the first of its kind Demonstration, Development, Validation and Pilot Production facility for Reaction Injection Molding (RIM)…

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