Collaborative Effort Disrupts Traditional Paint Process for Automotive Parts

Operations have begun at the first of its kind Demonstration, Development, Validation and Pilot Production facility for Reaction Injection Molding (RIM) Coating Technology in North America, the RIM Coating Technology Center (RCTC). This open platform center plays a critical role in accelerating the adoption and commercialization of innovative coating technologies by enabling parts manufacturers to now deliver cost-effective, direct-from-mold Class A plastic and composite parts that meet stringent automotive OEM validation requirements.

This innovative process advancement features four technology companies collaborating to significantly disrupt the traditional paint process for interior and exterior parts, reducing cost and time, while offering a broad range of attractive design options and attributes, including colors, gloss, textures, UV resistance, scratch resistance, and haptics. OEM Engineers have repeatedly indicated that this evolution will have far-reaching implication and are intrigued by what they have seen, and Tier Suppliers are embracing this streamlined process. “Essentially, the RIM coating process is a PAINT SHOP IN A BOX … that would be fantastic; everyone hates paint.” –Anonymous OEM Engineering Supervisor.
Ruhl Strategic Partners is the founder and manager of customer activities of the RIM Coating Technology Cluster (RCTC) and the promoter of the resulting technology. Ruhl Managing Partner Adam Harms will be presenting at the SPE/ACCE Conference about the collaborative approach that realized synergies to attain this disruptive advancement that is gaining industry attention.
Please Attend: “Accelerating Adoption of Advanced Materials Through Industry Collaboration” Presentation
Who: Ruhl Managing Partner, Adam Harms
When: 1:45pm, Thursday, Sept. 5, 2019
Where: SPE/ACCE Conference, The Diamond Banquet & Conference Center at the
Suburban Collection Showplace, 46100 Grand River Avenue, Novi, MI 48374
More than 200 million molded plastic parts requiring a Class A finish are produced by the industrial and automotive supply chain every year.
Advances in overmolding technologies have enabled the disruption of the traditional paint process and now provides a pathway to produce cosmetic composite parts directly from the mold while avoiding the high temperature ovens of the traditional paint process.
The RCTC serves as a North American “on-ramp” for capable supply base development, from concept through pilot production. The RCTC is a Ruhl Strategic Partners initiative.
In conjunction with the launch of the RCTC and its website, Ruhl Strategic Partners has unveiled an updated website, Learn more about how Ruhl accelerates growth through the market adoption of innovative technologies and processes by leveraging its Ecosystem of innovative technology companies to collaborate and develop complete solutions. In addition, you can learn how Ruhl enables and sustains growth of advanced materials and technology into mobility markets.